Feb 09, 2021

Why you should use Artificial Intelligence to find the right influencer?

Working with influencer marketing all marketers recognise the struggle of searching and deciding for the right influencer. Scrolling, clicking, counting and comparing the influencer to its competitors. It’s time consuming, and what are the essential parameters to look for, when deciding who to choose? - AI to the rescue..

Artificial Intelligence as an integrated part of a brand’s Influencer Marketing strategy helps marketers ease their search for the most beneficial, and seamless fitted, advocate for their brand.


The importance of the right influencer

Studies reveal that 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice before actually making a purchase, leading to why finding the perfect influencer for your brand’s appearance has never been more important.
It’s not only about superficial metrics, such as amount of followers and the number of posted content anymore, we’re way past the perception of those equating influence.

AI can help discover the most important and valuable traits for the brand, when searching through the pool of influencers.
From crunching influencers’ historical data such as earlier performances, level of engagement and sales conversions on earlier campaigns, to scanning influencers content studying factors as psychographics and contextual relevance, ensuring matches of which accommodate what the brand is looking for.
Furthermore AI can scan x-amount of an influencer’s earlier written content, and flag negative behavior or collaborations with competitors.
Fraud detection is a big concern among marketers choosing influencers, where other tools have a hard time distinguishing between fraudulent and genuine influencers, AI use advanced analytic methods to find and flag suspicious activity.

It’s all about getting the most out of the marketing budget, when positioning a brand, and here’s AI all Influencer Marketers’ hero - leaving the marketers with influencers, who resonates as much as possible with the brand.

influencerIMPACT Influencer Platform is a 360 workflow, which lets the user identify the right influencer, maintain their relations, activate influencers and build custom report based campaigns and brand exposure. 


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February 9, 2021