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Everything you need to plan and manage successful influencer marketing campaigns

Ditch the spreadsheets, the manual searches, data collection and reporting and put an efficient automated process in its place

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Client Logos - Sephora V4
Client Logos - AMAG V1
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Client Logos - Carolina Rimondi V2

Discover authentic influencers that fit your campaign objectives in hours not days

Search based on location, gender, platform, activity, interests, industries, audience, mentions and more.   Sort by date, reach, engagement and impact


Get detailed insights and demographics without the need for authorisation

Drill into brand affinity, past performance, channel reach, followers by channel, interaction rates, top exposures, best-performing posts and more

Create and manage groups of relevant influencers

Monitor and compare groups of influencers. Sort influencers by date added, name, reach, engagement and impact. Automatically find lookalike influencers, based on your criteria

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Quickly identify and exclude influencers with fake followers

Our detailed audience insights allow you to detect the volume of suspicious followers as well as to gauge the quality of their genuine followers. Identify the influencer footprint by top countries and cities

Collect data from TikTok, Instagram, Instagram Stories and YouTube

Give your team back their weekends - yes no more Instagram Story collection on the weekends!


Manage all your influencer collaborations in one place with free seats for your entire team

Create customised management and team campaign reports so all stakeholders have the data they need at their fingertips

Manage multiple campaigns with confidence while increasing ROI

Use the time you save to manage campaigns more accurately and use the insights to inform your future strategies and drive ROI


Create effective presentations quickly with real time reporting

Configure and run comprehensive reports with our powerful modular report builder.  Report campaign performance exactly how you need, at the level you need

Streamline your influencer communications

Invite influencers to campaigns, upload briefs and assets, and communicate with influencers from within the platform.  View communication history all in one place 


Start getting better results with less effort

Try free for 10 days and see how much time you can save!