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Deliver influencer marketing campaigns with less effort and a bigger impact

Automation, modular reporting and the financial freedom to scale your activations up or down as you need.  Get more done in less time.

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Client Logos - Sephora V4
Client Logos - AMAG V1
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Client Logos - Wizard V2
Client Logos - Carolina Rimondi V2
Client Logos - Sephora V4
Client Logos - AMAG V1
Al Tayer Blue
Client Logos - Wizard V2
Client Logos - Carolina Rimondi V2

Discover the right influencers for your campaigns with ease using your preferred selection criteria

Be confident in the decisions you make with access to a global database of influencers backed by granular demographics and insights across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Add your own influencers or use the tool to find lookalike influencers


Save time and reduce costs with workflow automation

Enable your team to become more productive by spending less time on manual processes and more time focusing on results. Create groups and projects in preparation for a campaign

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Wizard is saving time as well as streamlining both organic and paid campaigns

"Wizard has worked with mmi for many years across multiple clients and have most recently used their Influencer platform which has been instrumental in helping us operate as a business. It saves us a huge amount of time, allowing us to streamline both organic and paid campaigns. It has such valuable information regarding influencer demographics that is key to help us craft successful campaigns"

Make data-driven decisions and improve your strategy

Monitor prospective influencers and active campaigns with detailed analytics and dashboards.  Optimise results by making strategic data-backed decisions

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Demonstrate and improve campaign results

Measure everything from reach, views, impact and more and report on your selection of KPIs.  Use the data to understand what drives success (ROI) and make better decisions for future budgets and campaigns

Scale up or scale down

Optimise campaign spend with the ability to flex up or down the number of influencers you investigate or collaborate with on a monthly basis


Streamline influencer outreach and communication

Manage outreach, activations, campaign materials and more all in one place

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