Apr 02, 2019

Why Videos are a Big Deal in Influencer Marketing?

In digital marketing world, content maybe the King, but influencer videos are the millennials’ mantra!

The rising influencer culture and sharing of videos that have gone viral allow timely, direct communication with the audience. They are also a refreshing alternative to conventional marketing strategies designed to foster transparency about the brand and its products.    

Besides creating ‘internet stars’ overnight, videos shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch help businesses and brands have quicker and wider reach.  It simplifies sharing of brand messages and entice audiences across geographies using hyper-localized content and campaign strategies for higher online conversions.

On Instagram where the impact of influencer marketing is largely prevalent, videos primarily influence audience reactions and engagements. With already 558k+ influencers on Instagram that have over 15k followers, effective video content may be a whirlwind  of change for brands which are struggling to break into the markets both globally and locally.

According to statistical data from a study on influencer marketing, about 70 percent of surveyed teens reportedly said they trust influencers speaking on behalf of the brand. Nearly 86 percent of women who use social media for online shopping relied on recommendations and influencer advice.

Also, 22 percent of the marketers believe that influencer marketing is cost-effective in terms of attracting new customers.

Voice, vision and brand communication along with positive word-of-mouth condensed into short-form videos accompanied by trending hashtags and paid partnerships is becoming a global rage.

Still Wondering Why Videos are a Big Deal

‍At a scientific level, video content is more impactful than its predecessors such as text and written content as it combines texts, images and sounds. Videos are much easier and quicker for the brain to absorb and retain information. Studies have proven that we are able to recall 80 percent of what we see and only 10 percent of what we hear.

If you want the brand to be memorable and popular, create a story that can appeal the brain through a combination of words, sounds and images.

‍TikTok- Short-form Video and its Benefit

‍In the fast-paced world, everyone likes to be entertained and brands love to tell their story. Platforms like TikTok are great ways to create video content that is engaging and exciting compared to passively scrolling feeds and sharing long-form texts. TikTok, uses local trending hashtags and encourages its users to be a part of the ongoing, online trend to create content themselves. This takes away the need for additional research for brands to understand and  gauge local trends and giving users  branded hashtags to go viral and also engage the dedicated TikTok’ers.

‍And the Bottomline

Videos help focus on the current trends and serve as an authentic source of information on products and brand.  It helps make a brand trustworthy while also creating a viral factor. Studies have shown that 44 percent of consumers (women) trust products more they’ve seen used by an influencer rather than common advertising.

That gives all the more reason for brands to chuck traditional marketing strategies and take a serious look at video content and influencer marketing.

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April 2, 2019