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Deliver influencer marketing campaigns with less effort and a bigger impact

  • Discover the right influencers for your campaigns with ease

  • Save time and reduce costs with workflow automation

  • Make data-driven decisions and improve your strategy

  • Demonstrate and improve campaign results

  • Scale up or scale down activations

  • Streamline influencer outreach and communication

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Find the best influencers

Search based on location, gender, platform, activity, interests, industries, audience, mentions and more.   Sort by date, reach, engagement and impact


Insights and

Drill into brand affinity, past performance, channel reach, followers by channel, interaction rates, top exposures, best-performing posts and more


Use the time you save to manage campaigns more accurately and use the insights to inform your future strategies and drive ROI


Configure and run comprehensive reports with our powerful modular report builder.  Report campaign performance exactly how you need, at the level you need